Games with best soundtracks

Music is a huge part of gaming, it allows us to understand better the characters and the story. In recent years, developers have continuously improve the sound aspect of the games, and the results are visible. Therefore, I decided to draw up a list that includes video games with the best soundtracks.

Bioshock Infinite – the first of the games with the best soundtrack is Bioshock Infinite. Those who have tried this game, probably expected this. Those who haven’t had yet the opportunity to play it, should know that it had one of the most acclaimed soundtracks in recent years.

And not only Garry Schyman’s creation are responsible for the major success, but also covers of impressive classic songs like “ Girls just wanna have fun” or “ Shiny happy people”.

The Last of Us – is a story almost perfect. I don’t think I exaggerate when I say that this game has one of the best stories that I had the opportunity to see, and the sound has an important role.

The song from The Last of Us, composed by Argentinean Gustavo Santaolalla, are a great fit with the surroundings and with the action of the game, and have been appreciated over time in countless publications.

Dragon Age: Origins – Nor should you have played Dragon Age: Origins (although I recommend you to do this) to know that this game had one of the best soundtrack ever encountered. It was composed by Inon Zur, who has struggled to express both the heroism of the game and demonic elements encountered everywhere. Lelianna’s Song – is one of the most successful songs in the whole game, being composed and recorded in less than 24 hours.

Half Life 2 – is a mixture of new songs, composed by Kelly Bailey, and older songs, some dating back since the first game has appeared on the market. In some cases, elements of the first game soundtrack were remixed and reused. But Bailey’s songs are those that have contributed enormously to create a tense atmosphere of the game and to give you a clear feeling that you are in a hostile environment.

FIFA 2004 – All those who have played the old FIFA series should prepare for a moment of nostalgia. We have here a soundtrack of the time when Zlatan Ibrahimovic still played at Ajax Amsterdam, and Vieri was the top scorer in the Italian championship. FIFA 2004 may have been the best title of the series, although it has enjoyed a significant success on the market, but the soundtrack is definitely a memorable one.